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What is the East Lancashire Alliance?

The East Lancashire Alliance (ELA) is an Alliance of GP practices who come together to deliver primary care in a new modern way. The ELA brings together 9 Primary Care Networks to meet and develop Primary Care and make it sustainable for the future. East Lancashire Alliance assists 47 GP practices covering a population of over 390,000 patients across East Lancashire. Patients are at the heart of everything we do, and we pride ourselves in ensuring our patients feel safe, supported, communicated with, and respected, at a time when they may be feeling vulnerable. As a GP Alliance, we are proud to represent our member practices and to champion our Primary Care Partners by working with local general practice and other system partners in the provision of patient centred, local healthcare services. We are providers of Primary Care who believe that by working together, we can make sure that the people of East Lancashire are offered Primary Care services that best fit their needs.

What we do?

Since October 2020 the East Lancashire Alliance is an encompasses 9 Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and supports them in working collaboratively together to achieve a shared vision of sustainability Primary Care.

With this in mind, we have a Clinical Director from each Primary Care Network whom sites on the Alliance Board to discuss Primary Care Developments and how best to implement these in order to provide the best service for our area.

What are our Values and Principles?

Our Values and Principles Infographic

What’s our mission statement

Providing Strong Leadership for Primary Care in the wider healthcare system to shape and renegotiate services, making them more resilient and sustainable.

Our Vision

  • To offer ‘one voice’ for PCNs in East Lancashire at local, Regional and National level.
  • To increase resilience for Primary Care in the context of system change, workforce shortages and national schemes.
  • To reduce duplication, share good practice and manage risk on behalf of PCNs and therefore practices
  • To gain CQC registration in order to hold employment contracts, provide cost effective back-office support and manage finance and pensions on behalf of the PCNs
  • To simplify the processes of Alliance contracting, employment of new roles and innovative practice
  • To offer Primary Care at scale across the whole of East Lancashire
  • To offer regular Educational Events for clinicians to enhance and maintain their development



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